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Who We Are


The issue of bullying is receiving significant attention at the local and national level and with good reason. Even with the increased attention and attempts to address the issue, bullying behaviors continue among children and young adults. Research shows that both boys and girls engage in both verbal and relational bullying. Boys are more likely to physically bully, while girls use more subtle methods.


The time is right to take this next step for the benefit of our young people so that they demonstrate respectful and appropriate interactions with one another regardless of the activity or environment. The message will be clear — every child, student, young adult is valued and respected in our community. Insufficient plans to address bullying will only create sadness, despair or feelings of helplessness among our children and that is a price that is too steep to pay. With comprehensive participation by a cross section of our community, the benefits will be far reaching. Adults will know that they made a difference. Our children will feel that they have the tools to cope in difficult situations as well as the support of caring adults whom they trust.


Lisa Davinsizer - Parent

Eve Powell - Good News Club/Parent

Reid Moon - Good News Club/Pastor

Kendra Bertoti - Coalition Coordinator

Marie Palano - Evans City Middle School Principal

Lauri Pendred - Evans City Elementary School Principal

Cassandra Doggrell - Evans City and Haine Middle School Assistant Principal


Jim Bertoti - Pastor

Bonnie Gross - EDCO Park

Michelle Steinmetz - Evans City Middle School Counselor

Kayla Snyder - Evans City Elementary School Counselor

Joe McCombs - Evans City Police Department

Scott Longden - Evans City Police Department

Trina Loesch - Evans City Police Department

Mike Manipole - Cranberry Township Supervisor/Evans City & Rowan Teacher

Michelina Stickney - Evans City Library

Daniel Vichek - Boy Scouts/Evans City Fire Department

Natalie Bridge - YMCA

Nathan Statzer - YMCA

Mark Rieder - Cranberry Kids

Rosanne Lamberto - Olweus Trainer

Melissa Bonicky - Evans City Teacher

Kristi Dietz - Evans City Teacher

Mallory Eyles - Seneca Valley School District Psychologist

Craig Miller - Little Guys Creative

Scott Henry - Little Guys Creative