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What We Know


Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose, says or does something mean or hurtful to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.


Children respond to and appreciate boundaries that are clear and consistent. By providing a standard of positive behaviors these “Bully Free Rules” can be an effective way to help stop bullying before it starts. Equally important, is letting children know there is framework of support for them to get help when someone is being bullied.

Bully Free Rules

1. I will not bully others

2. I will help others who are being bullied

3. I will include other children who are left out

4. I will tell an adult when I see someone being bullied


When addressing a bullying situation it’s important to have the tools to effectively handle the incident. These simple steps can help de-escalate a situation and give you the ability to confront the Bully while supporting the person who is being bullied.

On the Spot Bullying Interventions

1. Stop the bullying

2. Support the target

3. Refer to the “Bully Free” rules

4. Empower the bystanders

5. Explain the consequences

6. Provide protection for the target